Letter: Another poetic offering from Gore Bay author

Every family has a drama 

Family is a gift, yes, a rare grant,

Perpetuated by creation and procreation.

The emergency of an endless plant,

Bonded and glued by genetic encryption.

On the ocean or in the wilderness,

 No one is left behind nay forgotten.

In the mayflower or parched gravels, 

None is forgotten, rather begotten.

The earth goes through section,

In course, family as a soul does.

In collective growth and aberration, 

We share our sorrows and victories.

In our convention and contradiction,

To win the joy and bliss of the world.

In the reserved and deprived procession,

Still wedged by the same unbroken bond.

In separate highways and backstreets,

Leaf by leaf will spread and cluster.

And our humanity continues,

Believe me, every family has a drama.

Kolapo Abdul

Gore Bay