Letter: Former Island trustee sees exoneration in lead water report

Kids drink the water for the first seven years, staff for a lifetime

To the Expositor:

Re: Water issues of lead in water report, The Manitoulin Expositor, November 27 (‘National drinking water study refreshes Manitoulin concerns’).

When or if you recall, the director of education and the chair of the Rainbow District School Board assured taxpayers that I, Larry Killens, was exaggerating about lead content in school drinking water, you might want to read this non-biased news article.

If you recall, I personally asked our current board, and specifically our new local trustee of the board to keep the feet of the Rainbow Board to the fire. Here are some key paragraphs in this article. I hope Michael Mantha and France Gélinas get a view of this timely and well done article in our Manitoulin Expositor. Thank you, Mr. Warren Schlote and The Expositor for your report.

No. 1 Charles C. McLean Public School in Gore Bay had one fixture with a lead level of 32.9 µg/L, more than triple the provincial limit; and No. 2 A test at Manitoulin Secondary School in late August 2019 showed lead at 9.44 µg/L at one fixture, though that result was labelled as “required volume not submitted” as per Ontario guidelines.

In fact, I was removed early in my term as trustee for revealing this and other financial problems with this board to further hide shameful money spent in camera as the board passed motions by numbers only, not words we the public know.

So please encourage our local trustee to return the board to the lead content in our kids and staff drinking water. Think about it—staff drinks the water for a lifetime and kids drink it for the first seven years of their young education.

Now do you start to see why I was removed from the “in camera” meetings? I told the truth.

I hope this is read and acted on by Mike Mantha and France Gelinas.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth