Letter: If only unregulated capitalism is recognized for what it is

Fossil industry only survives due to trillions in government subsidies

To the Expositor:

Once again, Mr. Shane Desjardins persists (‘More discussion on renewables fossil fuels’ page 5, The Manitoulin Expositor, July 10, 2019) in his own public humiliation, refusing to see the forest for the trees. He seems incapable of connecting the dots, between the endless regime change global war agenda of the American Imperialist Empire south of our border, and their oil-glutted military single-handedly leading the way in polluting the planet, for the sake of corporate plunder of fossil-fuel and assorted natural resources. Quibbling about oil company think tank propaganda, while nature loses patience with its humanoid fungus, is completely irrelevant to the impending extinction event we currently face. 

“Hydrocarbons find favour because they are reliable, dispatchable and cost effective?” This industry only survives its uncontrolled excesses due to trillions of dollars in global government subsidies. While the delusional Western culture, infected with scientific materialism, wallows in its ineffectual response to the fascist neoliberal ‘Deep State’ control of governments propped up by mainstream media drivel, Indigenous cultures try desperately to remind us of our only hope, “stewardship of the land and its critters.” Only if unregulated capitalism is recognized for what it is, will resources be focused on developing sufficient sustainable energy strategies to halt the current stampede of the lemmings. Even then, God only knows…

Derek Stephen McPhail

Providence Bay