Letter: It is time to put strict regulations on the companies producing plastics

Anyone who is sensible enough would understand this

To the Expositor:

Climate change and then the government is debating about plastic bags for single use to eliminate them. What about those water bottles? They sure are making a lot of money on them, also making a lot of litter including pop cans. A lot of those items are tossed on the side of the road. If the government truly wants to do something about our pollution than it is time to put some strict regulations against the companies who are making these products. They should also make water bottles and pop cans refundable for money. It would be the companies who would be paying for this who are making these items, the bottles would go for like $0.20 and for pop cans $0.10. In the United States all cans are refundable for money. For me I just throw them in the garbage because they are worthless.

There are millions of things I could say about pollution, this is just a scratch. What I have said, anybody who is sensible enough would understand this, no matter where I look there is pollution.

Ron Osawabine