Letter: Manitoulin Island should just shut down

Let’s do our part to keep everyone safe

To the Expositor:

This coronavirus is mainly affecting people who have travelled to the US and abroad, Toronto is a hot spot for this virus. I believe it’s spreading from there and I think it would be best if Toronto was to isolate this in their area. I believe that only essential services should be allowed to come out such as delivery trucks for our food and other goods that we may need here in Northern Ontario. 

I’m hearing that people from Toronto are coming to Northern Ontario trying to run from this virus and they are not doing any good for anybody by doing this. Maybe they are just spreading the virus and furthermore I think it’s best for Manitoulin to shut down too, only essential vehicles should be allowed in and out because if we have a virus outbreak here we just do not have the resources to be able to handle it. We do have a lot of elders living on the Island too. 

Wiikwemkoong is a big community too; I do not think they would be able to handle this virus. I hear people are still making trips to Sudbury and it’s very risky to what they are doing and that’s why I say that Manitoulin needs to shut down. You never know if you should catch this virus what will happen, the virus is in Sudbury so let’s keep everyone safe.

Ronald Osawabine