Letter: The blessings of our parents extolled in poetic form

They are the best in the land

What would we do without them?

Mother and father are a blessing of God

They are a creation from God

What would we ever do without them?

Especially a father that works hard every day

To provide for his family and provide for them

A father that works hard for his pay

And a father that never complains

And sometimes what fathers have to do is insane

They work they do can sometimes be dangerous

But, thank God, fathers are always serious

Now comes the ones we should thank most of all

Is mothers all over the world without them we wouldn’t be here

And mothers are the ones that make us stand tall.

They teach us from the day we are born, stay away from there

Don’t touch that, and for Heaven’s sake don’t fall.

Because mothers we should thank above all others

What would we ever do without our mothers?

And let’s not forget our fathers

And let’s always show respect for our fathers

But the greatest respect should go to our mothers.

What would we ever do without them

So, on Father’s Day say father I love you

And Mother we love you too

Because the two go hand in hand

They are the best in the land

Lyman Corbiere