LETTERS: Concerns over today’s legalization of cannabis

Restrictions need to be enforced and controlled

To the Expositor:

Marijuana or cannabis is becoming legal. This is really concerning when it’s going to be allowed to be smoked in public just like tobacco. At least that’s what I have heard so far. If this happens it would be more like a safety issue for the public. It just might get more dangerous on the roads, it’s already bad enough that people are still driving under the influence of alcohol. Marijuana should have been restricted to use in the privacy of a home not in public just like alcohol. That it would be kept under the liquor licence. I have tried marijuana myself once just to be honest. The feeling I got from it was not pleasant at all. I did experience memory lapses, it was in public when I did this and with people around me, they had no idea that I was very high on this stuff. This was back 40-some years ago and since then I never bothered with it again. Sometimes marijuana can be very potent and strong. It affects people that is why I say this would be a public safety issue. I hope the government can put more restrictions on marijuana or cannabis. It has to be enforced and controlled.

Ron Osawabine