LETTERS: State of the new highways is reprehensible

Not even a year old and breaking up already

To the Expositor:

I recently had a need to travel to Little Current on Hwy 540. The rough part from M’Chigeeng to Honora Bay required expert slalom tactics to avoid the nasty road rot. Trying to be patient, I sought relief when I reached Honora Bay and to the smooth ride on new asphalt all the way too Little Current.

Hold it right there! This brand-new highway, not even a year old yet, is breaking up like it has been around for years and beyond its best before date. What’s with this? Islanders should be outraged at the work of the contractor, the ministry’s inspectors and the bean counters that throw our money at low-ball quotes.

But hey, we have something to look forward to this year. The same incompetence will be on show when they reconstruct the highway from Honora Bay to Kagawong. Perhaps the contractor can lay down more than an inch of the hot stuff on that stretch.

We have been paying for roads for more than a century. Putting a road in is not rocket science. We need roads that are done right and well. Is that too much to ask? The contractor should be forced to rip up their bad job and redo it properly. Taxpayers must be represented by experienced, competent, ethical inspectors who have our interests at the top of their priorities.

Our summer visitors, who are so important to the Island economy, should be presented with pleasure trips. Bikers, cyclists need fine roads. Holiday car cruisers’ rides need to be smooth and effortless and residents deserve to have pride in presenting our paradise properly.

John Stephens