Letting the Asian carp into the Great Lakes is a ‘business opportunity’

To the Expsoitor:

Keeping in mind hydrologic separation, after recently updating myself on all of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study products and their agendas over the last couple months, it is forever stunning that the Americans are so blithe about destruction of the Mississippi River watershed by invasive species from the Great Lakes. I think we can surmise some of this is from just how corrupted and dissolute they have allowed their portion of North America to become.

A nation whose people are so self righteous, self-centered and so disconnected from ecologic and spiritual reality cannot help but not care what happens to Canadians and their Great Lakes. Ultimately, for the American people, their politicians and their bureaucrats, letting the Asian carp into the Great Lakes is a business opportunity sanctified by their Christian god and nothing will ever trump that.

I read where there are questions about the effects of separation on water quality “downstream” of Chicago. This is of course nonsense. Of course there will be. For all our children’s children’s children, to the seventh generation, they need to figure it out. Put it in the budget. And work out the timeline for completion.

Michael and Jackie Toombs

McGregor Bay/Cincinnati