Liberation of the Netherlands 75th anniversary takes place online

Ottawa, Canada - May 26 2020: Blooming orange tulips planted in remembrance of the contributions of Canadians to the Liberation of the Netherlands in 1944 at Dow's Lake for the Ottawa Tulip Festival - Shutterstock

MANITOULIN – If we were living in normal times, this year would have provided for a full celebration commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands. However, due to COVID-19, these celebrations were a lot different than usual.

This year’s national celebrations took place online as Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) branches are closed, Roy Eaton, RCL District H Public Affairs officer reported. 

Mr. Eaton pointed out both the provincial and national command of RCL is helping Legions pay their bills. National command is providing $4 million in assistance and the provincial command has returned the annual fees, which could amount to $1 million in some cases, to the individual Legions. RCL is hopeful of garnering further assistance from the federal government.

Legion members celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands by wearing orange and taking part in the activities available on the Veterans Affairs Canada website.