Little Current resident stars in national ad

Police block Water Street while crews film a scene for a Chevrolet Silverado commercial.

Community also prominently featured in new truck commercial

LITTLE CURRENT—A large film crew descended on Little Current last week to shoot a national Chevrolet Canada campaign featuring Little Current’s Gord Bickell.

“We are here filming the Canadian Dream Campaign for Silverado,” explained Mark Dicks of Commonwealth McCann, the Toronto advertising agency behind the Chevrolet Canada campaign. “Gord (Bickell) is a Silverado owner who does a lot for his community and we wanted to capture his story.”

Mr. Dicks shared that one of his coworkers at Commonwealth McCann was recently on Manitoulin for a friend’s wedding and learned about Mr. Bickell’s volunteer work in the community and how he uses his Silverado, and brought forward the idea of using Mr. Bickell in the campaign.

Mr. Bickell volunteers with the Manitoulin Good Food Box program, Manitoulin Fresh Food Initiative and Little Current Fish and Game Club.

Fresh from the hair and makeup trailer, Gord Bickell is ready to make his television debut.

“I didn’t expect this to turn into anything,” Mr. Bickell told The Expositor on set last week. “They (Commonwealth McCann) contacted me and interviewed me, then it kept building and there were more interviews. Margo (Mr. Bickell’s spouse) and I had to figure out how to use Skype for the interviews too—they wanted to learn more about me and what I do. I didn’t think it would go anywhere.”

Mr. Bickell said he was overwhelmed with the scale of the crew when he met with everyone last Tuesday morning to start filming, but was put at ease by the professionalism of the team.

“There are a lot of excellent people working on this campaign,” said Mr. Bickell. “They (the crew) really know their stuff.”

Mr. Dicks said that the premise of the Chevrolet Canadian Dream campaign is every day Canadians and how they use their Chevrolet.

The film crew confers while filing a scene at the Little Current United Church during Good Food Box day.

“We are showcasing Canadians and how their vehicles enable them in what they are doing—for Gord, his truck is his tool to help others,” said James Hodge, advertising manager for Chevrolet Canada. “When we heard what Gord does we thought it was pretty cool and struck a chord with us.”

“The commercial and print campaign featuring Gord is going to demonstrate the capability and durability of the truck and what Gord represents to the community,” said Mr. Dicks. “We have been filming him at the (Little Current United) Church this morning working with the Good Food Box Program, and we will be interviewing him at his home, following him around town as he completes jobs associated with his volunteer work and out at his camp (in the Green Bush) tomorrow. Thursday we will be taking photos.”

Mr. Dicks said that it is important that the commercial and campaign in general is authentic and really portrays Mr. Bickell’s life.

Chevrolet Canada has been travelling across the Nation filming the Canadian Dream campaign with the Chevrolet Cruze campaign launching last week.

The Silverado campaign featuring Manitoulin and Mr. Bickell is scheduled to air mid-November online, on social media, YouTube and on television.

“On Behalf of McQuarrie Motor Products Inc. I would like to thank Gord Bickell for his example of the Canadian dream,” said McQuarrie Motor Products Inc. General Manager Ronald McQuarrie. “Gord, with a little help of his new Silverado, exemplifies what being a cornerstone of your community can mean. May there be fewer ladders and more helping hands.”