Little Current students raise a mountain of food donations

LITTLE CURRENT—The Coyote Council Food Drive Committee at Little Current Public School were looking for a project that would help the Island community this Christmas season when they received a timely letter that sparked the idea of raising donations of non-perishable food items for Manitoulin Family Resources’ annual Christmas food drive.

“I am extremely proud of all of our students,” said teacher Micheline Fortin. “Our principal (Jamie Mohamed) had received a letter from Manitoulin Family Resources asking if our Coyote Council would be willing to help with the annual food bank and Christmas basket campaign.”

The teachers simply passed the request onto the Coyote Council and things rocketed forward from there. “We didn’t really do anything—just passed it to the kids,” said Ms. Fortin.

It was the Coyote Council that came up with the idea of a competition between classes, from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Mr. Martin, one of the teachers at the school, added a bit of impetus to get things really moving. “He offered to let the winning class duct tape him to the wall of the gym if the students raised more than 700 items That’s more than two cans per student,” said Ms. Fortin. “As a school so far we have raised more than 1,000 items.” So Mr. Martin will find himself with very restricted mobility tomorrow (Thursday, December 19) during the school’s annual Christmas assembly.

This year’s Coyote Council consisted of Alyssa Green, Jesse Madahbee and Alicia Williamson. “These students have given up their recesses and nutrition breaks to collect from the classrooms,” noted Ms. Fortin.

In addition to the school-wide effort, a small group of students took it upon themselves to extend the drive to the community at large. The Coyote Council members took part in the drive along with students Tyler Orr, Victoria Tardif, Robert Norris and Milana Sabzali. “They went out on Monday, December 9 and collected another 200 items on their own,” said Ms. Fortin. “That evening there was quite the snowstorm and they went door to door collecting food items—they were awesome.”

The logistical roles were primarily handled by two particular students who put out an above and beyond effort, noted Ms. Fortin. “Kendra Jordison handled the communications (radio spot and school announcements) for both events and Zack Kategiannis also helped during a few of his nutrition breaks to pick up the food,” she said.

“I want to thank you folks for working through your nutrition breaks,” said MFR co-executive director Andy Smith. “On behalf of MFR, our board, staff and volunteers, I want to say how very grateful and appreciative we are of all of your efforts.”

Michael Erskine