Local quilter donates beautiful work for Angel Bus fundraiser

Pat Best, a quilter who lives in Gordon/Barrie Island has donated one of her beautiful quilts towards an Angel Bus quilt raffle fundraiser. In photo left to right is Pat Best, along with Sandy Cook and Ted Kilpatrick who hold up the beautiful quilt.

GORDON – Pat Best, a quilter and resident of Gordon/Barrie Island, has donated one of her beautiful works toward an Angel Bus quilt raffle fundraiser. 

“I started working on the quilt about a year ago,” Ms. Best told the Recorder as she donated the quilt ‘Everything Country’ to Sandy Cook of the Angel Bus fundraising committee last week. The handmade quilt, Ms. Best’s original design, is a queen-size appliqué and piecework quilt. It is valued at $1,200.

The quilt shows many features such as strawberry plants, pumpkins, daffodils, rabbits, a hummingbird, iris, scarecrow, a hen with her chicks, tulips, chickens, cardinals, kids’ colouring books and much more. 

“It is a beautiful quilt and we are thrilled that Pat has donated it to us to raffle off,” stated Ms. Cook.

She explained there are 3,000 tickets for sale, $2 each or three for $5. The draw for the quilt will take place on Saturday, December 7 at noon at the Gordon Community Centre during the community’s annual Advent Festival Market.

Until then, the quilt will be on display in the window of Robinson Auto Supply on the main street in Gore Bay. Tickets will be available there, as well as from members of the Angel Bus committee, and Gloria Hall. 

The quilt will be making appearances at the farmers’ markets on Manitoulin this summer and at the Manitoulin Trade Fair being held at the end of May.

All proceeds raised from the sale of tickets for the quilt raffle will support the Angel Bus.