Long-time councillor for Gordon/Barrie Island announces resignation

Gordon/Barrie Island

GORDON/BARRIE ISLAND – A long-time member of the Gordon/Barrie Island municipal council has announced he is resigning his position at the end of this current year.

“I’m resigning my seat at the end of the year,” Councillor Jack Brady told council at a meeting last week. “I talked to (municipal clerk) Carrie (Lewis) the other day on this. I will be forwarding an official letter for council to consider at its next meeting.” 

“I am very sorry to hear this,” stated Reeve Lee Hayden. “But I understand, and this is a personal decision. I wish you all the best. Obviously, this is something you have thought about for a while.”

“I will finish out this year on council,” Councillor Brady told the Recorder after the meeting. He explained, “I just have a lot of stuff going on this year, and I’m not getting younger, I will be 80 next month. I had indicated before the last election I would run for (a councillor seat) if it appeared there would be any difficulty of getting enough people to let their name stand for council.” 

“I’m finding there are too many other things happening in my life to give council my all,” Councillor Brady told the Recorder. He had previously spent two terms as a council member and served one four-year term as reeve of Gordon/Barrie Island prior to coming back to council in the last municipal election. 

“I enjoyed all my time on council, working with the council, reeve and staff members,” stated Mr. Brady. 

Reeve Hayden noted, “Jack will be submitting a letter to council (formally announcing his resignation). I understand this was a personal decision, and we respect his decision. He has been a valuable member of council over the years.” 

The municipality will be advertising for local residents who are interested to put their names forward for the vacant council position. “I’d certainly like to get someone from Barrie Island put their name forward for the council position,” said Reeve Hayden. “Right from the start of this term of council we have lacked a representative from Barrie Island on council.”