‘Lying’ MP should be fired, urges writer

To the Expositor:

I again am surprised at how we voters/taxpayers, according to the media, are waiting for an apology from Peter McKay over our military hardware being used as his personal play toy at a huge cost. Mark my words, in the New Year we will be hearing of yet more cutbacks and slashes to the public sector, and all the while McKay and Harper wonder what has happened.

To the politicians who are accusing, and proving that McKay is a serial liar, producing documented emails, to support that end, I say to you, ‘give your head a shake!’ If you are in Ottawa at my expense, advocating on my behalf, just how sincere do you think Mr. McKay’s apology is, if forthcoming, considering his state of out of control denial and being supported by the worst of the head caregiver of the public domain, Stephen Harper?

I do not want Mr. McKay’s apology, nor would I believe it. I do not want him stepping down. I want his butt fired and kicked out of parliament in shame and criminally charged if possible. The media has convinced me that he and the truth are total strangers. Look at the history of abuse: $153,000 dollars for his recent romp in a helicopter and Challanger jet, $3 million in jet trips, citing repatriation of our soldiers as a major cost. The media proved that to be a ‘lie,’ talk to people in jail who did far less than he did. Talked to the lineups at our local cancer treatment centre, talk to the teachers in our schools whose needs aren’t being met in the classroom. All the while this jetsetting excuse for a representative of Canadians continues to slash and destroy any adherence to proper ethics, and accountability.

Only one good thing came out of this, and that is the Military Commander who identified this fiscal. Give him Mr. McKay’s job.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth