M’Chigeeng lawyer expresses appreciation for newspaper

To the Expositor:

It may be the mid-winter pause, but I read your paper today and just really appreciated it. No, it wasn’t any specific article, but the combination of every article you have done over many years. I admit I don’t read it every week, but do feel lost when other people are discussing what was in that week’s paper!

You are truly an Island community newspaper, and in that definition you bring together the First Nations people and everyone else to the same page. That is a feat deserving of recognition. Other areas of Canada have not accomplished the Island adhesion that your paper has been a big part of.

Your articles cover the range, from topics of national importance, the problems of keeping our winter roads as safe as possible, recognition of our incredible youth who are athletes and artists, community services notices, job postings, letters to the editor which encompass colourful characters and their commentaries as well as provocative and engaging repartee, coverage of conferences and agriculture, and of course notices of events.

To the publisher, editor and the many writers who are simply the best, and the support staff, a midwinter thumbs up. You’re the best!

Susan Hare