M.S.S. Kids in the Halls

The halls of MSS are back in business! Everyone is reminiscing about their March Break and getting back into their school routines. Teachers are getting back into marking and assigning homework because mid-term reports are just around the corner.

For all of the students who are writing the Literacy Test on Thursday, we wish you good luck. Thursday is going to have an alternative schedule because of the literacy test. It will be like exams. If students are not writing the test, then they are to stay in the library or cafeteria during the morning. There will be an announcement stating when students are allowed to go to their lockers. We will have four shortened classes in the afternoon.

On April 15 there is a talent show! There is a new format for the show, and any students interested should talk to Mr. Theijsmeijer. For the coming talent show each performance can be a maximum of two minutes 15 seconds long. Some students are hesitant to join the talent show because of the new format. The time limit will allow more performances and we won’t run out of time like we did in December. Performances can include singers, dancers, band, musicians, jugglers, or comedians. All performers are welcomed and encouraged.

On Thursday during the Parents’ Night there is going to be a bake sale for anyone who wants something sweet to eat while they wait their turn for a conference or would like to bring home treats to share with the family. On Friday there is going to be another Bake Sale. On Wednesday, April 1 Rainbow Rights is holding an Easter Bake Sale.

On April 1 and 8 the badminton team is going to Elliot lake for Pre-NSSSA and NSSSA. The whole team is excited and our school wishes them the best of luck.

I am sure March Break was great, but we are excited to be back at school with our friends and favourite teachers. ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.