Majority of Island municipalities see drop in 2014 DSB apportionment

ESPANOLA—The Manitoulin Sudbury District Services Board (DSB) has received confirmation of the numbers contained in invoices sent to the municipalities within the DSB boundaries and is fairly confident of the apportionment numbers for 2014.

The overall DSB budget for 2014 has been set at $11,010,420, with the province picking up the $2,911,520.73 of the unorganized township’s share and the member municipalities responsible for the remaining $8,098,899.

Each municipality pays its share according to the value of assessed property within its borders. A number of municipalities have seen their share of the apportionment drop over the 2013 assessment, most notably the Town of Espanola, whose assessment took a massive hit from an MPAC reassessment of the Domtar mill from $28 million to $9 million. The Espanola apportionment dropped 1.19 percent to $1,093,222.92 or 13.5 percent of the overall DSB municipal portion. Other municipalities experiencing a drop were Assiginack, down .04 percent to $361,242.53; Cockburn Island, down .11 percent to $22,129.02; Tehkummah, down .03 percent to $146,680.79; the Northeast Town, also down .03 percent to $1,118,979.12; Gore Bay, down .06 percent to $157,070,05; Chapleau, which saw the next largest drop of .08 percent to $187,952,21 along with Nairn and Hyman, which also dropped .08 percent to $145,544.09.

The rest of the municipalities saw their apportionment rise. Gordon and Barrie Island rose .09 percent to $264,321.49; Billings rose .06 percent to $349,416.04; Central Manitoulin’s share rose .07 percent to $754,547.98; Burpee/Mills rose .06 percent to $143,628.30; Killarney rose .62 percent to $623,746.25; Baldwin rose .01 percent to $105,475.87; French River rose .32 percent to $1,123,920.32; Markstay Warren rose .1 percent to $4499,905.14; Sables Spanish rose .35 percent to $618,287.81; and St. Charles rose .04 of a percentage point to $382,829.33.

There was no indication of whether the TWOMO apportionment had risen or declined over 2013 in the figures released by the DSB, but the overall TWOMO apportionment represents 19.2 percent of the municipal apportionment for 2014.

 Michael Erskine