Manitou 4-H Club enjoy outdoor winter fun

Manitoulin 4-Hers warm their hands after learning how to start a fire during a winter fun day held recently.

BIDWELL—On Friday February 3, the Manitou 4-H Club met at the farm of Burke and Alice Pennie to have fun outdoors in the winter.

The meeting began by choosing a president, a vice president, a secretary and two press reporters. To start off every meeting the members make the 4-H pledge: “I pledge my head to clear thinking, my heart for greater loyalty, my hands for larger service, my health for better living for my club, my community, and my country.”

Before heading outside, introductions were made by playing a little name game where you say your name and say an adjective about yourself that starts with the beginning of your name.  

Next, a guest speaker from The Manitoulin Expositor, reporter Robin Burridge, came to tell the members how to write a press report. Ms. Burridge gave them a sample news report and members had to find the important facts like who, what, when, where and why. The 4-Hers who got the most answers right got an Expositor shirt. Ms. Burridge let all of the 4-H members take a photograph of the other 4-H members doing activities. Andrew Cooper commented, “I had fun learning how to write a press report.”

After, the 4-H members went outside and made fires with paper, sticks and fire starters. The fires were made to cook lunch.  

“Making s’mores was fun and tasty too,” Brodie Pennie said. “It was fun to learn how to make fires.”

After coming inside to warm up, 4-H members played games and had snacks before returning outside to play snowshoe baseball. This game took a lot of energy to run through the snow.

All of the 4-Hers had a great time learning how to make a firestarter, a fire, playing snowshoe baseball and learning how to write a press report.  The 4-H members include: Andrew Cooper, Autumn Davy, Danika Skippen, Ava Assinewai, Brooke Gibeault, Annie Balfe, Grace Pennie, Brodie Pennie and Jack Pennie.

4-H is an organization that promotes positive youth development for kids ages 9 to 21.  Their motto is ‘Learn to do by Doing’.  4-H teaches life skills, leadership, and communication skills through fun hands-on activities and unique projects.   If you would be interested in volunteering and leading a project, please contact Alice Pennie at 705-859-3670.

Expositor reporter Robin Burridge poses for a group photo with the Manitoulin 4-H Club after leading the 4-Hers in a session on how to write a press release.