Manitoulin’s famous deer hunt week starts Monday

MANITOULIN—Hunters will descend on the Island starting next week, as deer hunting season starts on Monday, November 21.

The annual hunting season, which can see several thousand people move through Manitoulin in November, also adds roughly $16 million to the Island economy a year, according to a study released in 2007.

The study, undertaken by the Manitoulin Area Stewardship Council (MASC), was conducted by the use of a questionnaire distributed to hunters. It queried the hunters about the spending done on Manitoulin, the value of any owned properties, investments, local taxes paid and wildlife management.

Hunters are reminded that all land on Manitoulin Island is private property and when travelling on other people’s property, hunters are required to have written permission from the owner on them at all times.

Hunters are also prohibited from road-side hunting and hunting before sunrise or after sunset, hunting in the dark using a light (jacklighting) and hunting with hounds.

People are encouraged to wear bright, non-natural colours to help them stand out at a distance to hunters and to keep their own animals leashed to avoid accidents.