Manitoulin Centennial Manor Golden Gala was a rare experience

So many hearts and wallets were opened generously

To the Expositor:

To have been invited to participate in the fundraising gala of the Centennial Manor was a great privilege, which ended up being a rare experience.

As I journeyed home I had time to ponder over what it was that made this evening so great.

First, that an auxiliary existed with many long time members, assisted by staff and community people, who cared enough about the welfare and care of the residents to do all this work.

Secondly, that so many donors made such a great contribution to provide the items for the auction.

Third, that some 160 people came from all across Manitoulin to support the fundraiser, they came from west, to centre and the east. One couldn’t help but get the feeling that people still felt that 50 years ago this was our first and only home belonging to the taxpayers of Manitoulin. Today, 50 years later, we the people can always control its destiny.

Fourth, that so many guests would open their hearts so generously to give to the cause. People attended from Toronto to the Soo. Some maybe further. They spoke with their wallets.

There is a perception these days that the one and only thing that unites Islanders is the water surrounding making it an island. Whether true or not, perception becomes reality.

By the time I arrived home, I was grateful to know that at least 160 people believed in the dream of our forefathers. Manitoulin is the people on this beautiful island, gathering around the flag, doing what is best for us all, with caring and love, not dissensions and division. Remember the sun comes up, in the east; the same sun sets in the west.

Norm Morrell