Manitoulin Centennial Manor Minutes

Fuel tenders

The Manitoulin Centennial Manor board of management reviewed the fuel tenders received. Manor Administrator Michelle Bond reported that there were two tenders received—Manitoulin Fuels for 65.6 per litre and 74.92 per litre from New North Fuels. The board carried a motion to accept the bid from Manitoulin Fuels.

Strategic planning

The board reviewed and carried a motion to accept the final draft of the Manor’s strategic plan.

A list of priority projects for the home was included in the plan, which the board discussed.

Number one on the list was the replacement of the old nursing call bell system that the home is currently fundraising for. Other items included completing the replacement of carpet with flooring throughout the home, building a guard rail around the roof top, switching lights to LED, the replacement of the generator, the replacement of the washer and dryer and repairing the rear driveway.

Board member Wendy Gauthier suggested that the replacement of the generator move to the top of the list due to its importance. The board agreed.

Administrator’s report

Ms. Bond was happy to report that the Manor’s occupancy was at 98 percent in April and that the long-term care home had a healthy waiting list.

She also noted that a PSW and RN student had been hired for the summer.

The replacement of the bathtubs was to start in July and came in under budget, costing a total of $3,300 (including the installation).

“We are attempting to replace the remaining rooms that have carpet every other month,” added Ms. Bond.

Ms. Bond said that their accommodation expenses were down for last month which had led to unusual savings for the home. Extendicare Regional Director Keith Clement explained further that these savings helped put the home in a good financial position, bringing them out of the red for the year to date.

Board Chair Paul Moffatt commented that he was pleased to see the financial picture was looking brighter.


Ms. Gauthier reported that the call bell fundraiser was going well and was currently sitting over $65,000.

She reported that sales had begun for the 2016 Tree of Life and that the Northeast Town had approved the donation of the Rendezvous pavilion for the Manitoulin Country Fest fundraising event in August. She also noted that many tickets had already been sold for the fundraiser.

The date has been set for the Manor’s 50th anniversary gala for May 8, 2017 at the Little Current recreation centre. The fundraiser will include a silent auction, dance, big ticket auction and dinner.

The board carried a motion authorizing the gala organizing committee a $1,000 donation towards set up costs.

The board also authorized the purchase of a bulletin board for the front hall of the Manor to keep the public up-to-date on fundraising efforts and events.

Ms. Gauthier thanked The Manitoulin Expositor for their encouragement and generosity with fundraising efforts.

Board member Pat McDonald commended Ms. Gauthier on all her hard work.