Manitoulin Centennial Manor Minutes

2014 audit report

Acting chair Kathy Davidson informed the Manor board that they had received a letter from the financial auditors and that they were working on a final report. Manor administrator Michelle Bond noted that the auditors would be presenting their report at the next board meeting on April 16.

Board recognizes staff and board retirements

Ms. Davidson told the board that staff had set aside three Manor resident paintings (from the home’s art program) for retired board members Ed Bond and Al MacNevin (and Mary Jo Eckert-Tracey, who may or may not be retiring as the board is still waiting to hear about her possible reappointment to the board). The cost of the paintings totaled $150, which the board members will be contributing to purchase the gifts.

The board also signed a card for the retiring dietician manager. Ms. Bond noted that the newly hired dietician manager has begun and has been training with the outgoing manager and a representative from ExtendiCare.

Carpet replacement

The board discussed its strategy for the upcoming carpet to floor replacement fundraising campaign it will be launching this spring.

Ms. Bond reiterated from the board’s last meeting that that they have replaced the carpet with flooring in a number of the rooms, but that they still have a remaining 23 rooms (out of 41), as well as hallways, to complete. Board member Pat MacDonald approached the Central Manitoulin Lions Club who donated $500 to the cause (the cost of replacing the carpet in one of the rooms). The Manor Auxiliary also already donated $2,000 to the cause. The board will be drafting a letter, which they plan on distributing to various organizations across the Island next month with the launch of the campaign.

ExtendiCare Report

ExtendiCare Regional Director Keith Clement sent his regrets. The board reviewed his report with help from Ms. Bond.

Ms. Bond read from Mr. Clement’s report that the Manor was unfavourable to budget by over 40,000 so far this year. In his report, Mr. Clement explained that this was due to several factors such as a $14,000 claw back from the government for the nursing graduate program, staff banked vacation payouts and overspending in food ($650 in January and $2,000 in February).

Ms. Bond noted that a dietitian manager from ExtendiCare was on site helping to train the new Manor dietitian manager and look into helping to get the food budget in line.

“I thought we had the food problem from last year (over ordering/spending) figured out,” said board member Paul Moffat. “But I guess not, so I’m glad we are keeping an eye on it.”

Ms. MacDonald commented that ExtendiCare needed to accrue funds for vacation payouts in future budgets.

Strategic planning

The board discussed how well the strategic planning session had gone last month and that they were looking forward to the written report from the consultant who had led the day-long session.

“I thought it went very well,” said board member Wendy Gauthier.

Ms. Bond told the board that they should have a copy of the report by their next meeting.

Administrator report

Ms. Bond gave an oral report, noting that it had been a busy week at the Manor with the surprise arrival of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) on Monday.

She explained that the ministry had visited the facility in November for its annual inspection and was following up on four compliance orders.

Ms. Bond also noted that she and the staff were having staffing challenges in the nursing department for both Registered Nurses and PSWs. “We have placed ads in both The Expositor and Sudbury Star and are hoping to recruit to help fill our current vacancies,” Ms. Bond said.

Health Quality Ontario plan

Ms. Bond informed the board that staff had finished the new Quality Improvement Plan for the Manor and that the report was currently being reviewed by a consultant prior to its April submission.

The board was given copies for their review as well.

Next meeting

The board established that its meetings will now be held monthly on the third Thursday of the month at 10 am, however, the next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 16 at 9:30 am in the Manor boardroom due to an anticipated longer meeting because of the financial audit presentation.