Manitoulin Community Living board seen as chaotic

To the Expositor:

The greatest book ever written tells us that, “where your treasure is, your heart will also be.”

Manitoulin Community Living is an Island treasure and should be run today by people such as Flower of Hope School founders Renie Noble and John Lane, plus a multitude of others, whose hearts told them that those less fortunate in our society deserved our love, compassion, care, dignity and a feeling of being full-fledged and accepted members of society.

The people who worked there over the years have been people whose hearts were in the right place, and they have been great keepers of this treasure.

The new board, elected last fall, seems to have gone into some state of chaos, and will likely remain in this condition until certain people are replaced as board members.

Lyle Dewar is right (‘Writer calls for resignation of certain Manitoulin Community Living Board member,’ July 27, Page 4). Who with a job would want to move here as a CEO of Manitoulin Community Living? Once again, the organization cannot survive on the whims of a board member or two.

Best wishes,
Norm Morell