Manitoulin Health Centre receives $260,000 in infrastructure repair funding

MANITOULIN— The province and North East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) announced funding to 20 hospitals in the amount of $6.24 million through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF). Among these are listed both sites of the Manitoulin Health Centre (MHC). The funding is designed to address critical infrastructure needs.

“This is one that we hope to receive each year,” said MHC CEO Derek Graham. “It’s based on the premise that we are investing in existing buildings,” he added.

Mr. Graham explained that the figures ($206,047) for the MHC are based on an engineers’ assessment using standard criteria. They make a list and it is the hospital’s hope to “chisel away” at that list each year, the CEO said.

The MHC also received an allocation of $91,000 toward next year’s funding to enable them to start on larger projects for the following year. “This way, you have on your radar a better idea of what’s coming for funding,” he added.

Some of the items on the list that will be tackled for this year include: replacing air conditioning systems that are at end-of-life, replacing the fire alarm panels, roofing work and adding high efficiency lighting.

“It’s pretty bread and butter, but it will have an impact for sure,” Mr. Graham said. “By having a dedicated fund (for these type of infrastructure items) it means there are no trade-offs in terms of health care delivery.”