Manitoulin Secondary School students raise over $300 for Hurricane Irma survivor, MSS alum

MANITOULIN—Manitoulin Secondary School (MSS) students raised $326.65 to help former MSS student Nathan Wong and his family, who were victims of Hurricane Irma last year.

Nathan Wong, formerly of Spring Bay, resides on Tortola, BVI with his partner and two young children. The family survived Hurricane Irma, huddled in a neighbour’s basement, but lost their home and all their possessions.

“Last fall the US coastal communities and nearby tropical Islands were bombarded with a series of Hurricanes,” explained MSS teacher Lisa Addison. “MSS students in my Civic/Careers class were in the process of tracking various local, national and global news articles.  The students were very moved by the effects of the hurricanes on the US coast as there were  many Canadians and people they had connections with that were affected.  Some of them had even visited parts of Florida.”

“During discussions in class, it became known that there was a former graduate of MSS, Nathan Wong, that had lost his home in the British Virgin Islands,” added Ms. Addison. “Nathan and his family lost their home to the hurricane and they had to leave the Virgin Island to return to the safety and live with family in Ottawa.”

Ms. Addison shared that her class wanted help Nathan and his family and hosted a fundraising bake sale at MSS and distributed a few fund raising cans in local businesses on Manitoulin. Through their efforts they have raised $326.65 that will be passed on to Nathan Wong and his family. 

Mr. Wong is presently in the British Virgin Islands working and trying to rebuild their home, while his wife and children are still living in Ottawa with her family. 

“The donation was very kind and generous of the students and faculty,” said Mr. Wong when contacted by The Expositor. “We are very appreciative.”