Manitoulin Seniors Residence group explores adding senior services hub to building

Seeks Island health collaborative endorsement

LITTLE CURRENT—The Manitoulin Seniors Residence group, a group individuals led by Dr. Roy Jeffery working on developing an assisted living facility in Little Current, is exploring a new concept, adding a home health care services hub to the building.

“We are looking at a slightly different design than previously,” said Dr. Jeffery. “We are thinking about having a service area on the bottom level of the building—a space for private or public senior services (offices)—and assisted living apartments on the top level. By doing this, we think it might make the project more attractive to private funders.”

The Manitoulin Seniors Residence group includes Dr. Jeffery, Petra Wall, Jim Roszel, Judy Miller, Joanne Wade, Ned Martin, Pam Williamson, Fern Dominelli and Mary Nelder.

He also said that he hopes to still work with the Manitoulin Centennial Manor and the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (DSB) to create a triangle of services.

Dr. Jeffery said that while feedback about the project has been positive, the group is finding that there is limited public funding so far and a lot of competition.

“A lot of communities are shovel ready with similar projects, but are stuck waiting for funding,” he said. “I know of nine other projects in Northeastern Ontario that are waiting.”

Dr. Jeffery said he is optimistic that the Manitoulin Senior Residence project will go forward.

“We have had some private interest, but things are happening more slowly than I hoped,” said Dr. Jeffery.

The Northeast Town carried a motion to enter into an agreement in principal earlier this year with the Manitoulin Seniors Residence group.

In the agreement, the town conditionally agreed to provide the upper half of the property on Park Street, donated from the Fielding family, to cover the cost of extending sewer and water to the building and the cost of the building permit as a donation.

“We have been in continued conversations with the town,” said Dr. Jeffery. “They are very supportive and have offered their assistance with funding applications and general advice.”

Dr. Jeffery and his group have met with the Manitoulin Health Collaborative front line workers who have expressed great support for the project.

“Next, we will be meeting with the Manitoulin Health Collaborative executive directors and are looking for an endorsement from them to the North East Local Health Integration Network,” said Dr. Jeffery.