Manitoulin Streams launches gift catalogue in time for Christmas

MANITOULIN—Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association has launched the ‘Everyone Lives Downstream’ gift-giving catalogue, just in time of the holiday season.

“These days it seems more people are forgoing giving traditional gifts of ‘stuff’ to loved ones and instead giving meaningful gifts that support causes close to their hearts,” shared Seija Deschenes, project coordinator for Manitoulin Streams. “Here at Manitoulin Streams we are excited to offer you the opportunity to give back to Manitoulin’s natural landscape by purchasing a gift on behalf of a loved one that will benefit the Island.”

Ms. Deschenes explained that the gift-giving catalogue is filled with “great ideas that will help support our work at Manitoulin Streams.”

“I guarantee that you will find something perfect for everyone on your list,” she said. “Don’t just limit yourself to the holiday season—what about a gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, house warming party or in memory of a loved one or thank you present.”

When you purchase an item, the recipient of the gift will receive a certificate stating the gift you purchased on their behalf and in support of Manitoulin Streams. Manitoulin Streams is a registered charity and contributions made over $25 toward the purchase of the gifts is tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.

The gifts are divided into several categories including: enhance stream habitat, in-stream structure; riparian habitat and erosion control material; native trees, shrubs and grasses; livestock stream access restriction; and education investment.

Examples of gifts are: large boulders, $50, which are placed in streams in groups to provide stream habitat and create local scouring by increasing flow velocity around the boulders; coconut coir matting, $40, used for controlling bank erosion; native trees (Eastern white cedar, white or red oak, white pine, silver maple, white birch, tamarack or white spruce), $25; and educational signs, $150, placed along sections of restored streams to inform the public of the work and its benefit.

There are over 25 different gift options ranging in price from $25 up to $800.

“Purchasing a gift from this catalogue is a simple process and in doing so you can be confident that your donation is going towards something important—keeping Manitoulin Island’s lakes, rivers and natural habitats healthy for generations to come,” concluded Ms. Deschenes. “Whether through direct rehabilitation of degraded land and rivers or by helping educate Manitoulin’s community on healthy land practices, your donation is helping the environment.”

More information and the Everyone Lives Downstream’ gift catalogue are available on the Manitoulin Streams website,