Manitoulin Trappers Council calls for establishment of coyote compensation bylaws

MINDEMOYA – The Manitoulin Trappers’ Council (MTC) is going to be urging the Township of Billings and the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (NEMI) councils to establish coyote compensation bylaws, as many other Manitoulin municipalities and townships have done.

George Hagen, president of the MTC told members at a trappers’ workshop meeting held this past Sunday in Mindemoya, “from the trappers’ council we will be talking to two councils (NEMI and Billings) that don’t have coyote compensation programs in place. We can’t use the word bounty, and in other areas (on Manitoulin) they have bylaws in place to hire trappers and pay them $50 to catch coyotes. I will be making a presentation to make to both councils and if anyone has anything to add to this presentation please let me know.”

“In the presentation I am going to make to the councils I am focusing on the affects coyotes have on livestock in agricultural community, and these predator animals have an effect on deer populations on the Island—the annual deer hunt on the Island is an economic driver for the Island and the reasons why these two municipalities should have a coyote compensation bylaw in place,” explained Mr. Hagen. “I am hoping they will agree with this and have a bylaw in place by next year, although of course it will be up to councils of both municipalities if they are going to approve this.”

Mr. Hagen pointed out in Burpee-Mills Township a local trapper hired by the township to catch coyotes has caught between 35-40 thus far  “Burpee-Mills were the first township on the Island to establish the compensation program.”

Mr. Hagen stressed, “our intent in all of this is definitely not to exterminate coyotes, but to get more trappers focused on taking coyotes (and bring their population under control).”

Mr. Hagen encouraged MTC members to attend the meetings where he will be making the presentations to the two councils. “Moral support at these meetings would be nice, to be there to show we are interested.”