Manor board elects Paul Moffat as new chair

MANITOULIN—The Manitoulin Centennial Manor board has elected Paul Moffat as the new board chair, while Pat McDonald was elected as vice chair.

“I was happy to be nominated and that the board saw fit to elect me,” said Paul Moffat, who is Assiginack Township’s representative on the Manor board. “I really enjoy being on the board and I feel that I can be productive in my new position.”

“We are in the middle of developing our new strategic plan for the Manor and I would like to see it complete,” said Mr. Moffat of his objectives as the new chair. “I am very interested in the welfare of the Manor and feel that it is run effectively and I would like to do my best to help keep it that way.”

As for the previous board chair, provincially appointed Mary Jo Eckert Tracy, Mr. Moffat said that the board has not yet heard if she or a replacement representative has been reelected or elected to fill the vacant seat on the board.

Although the board to date has still not heard if Ms. Eckert Tracy will be reappointed or if someone else will be appointed to fill the vacant seat, the board did carry a motion at its February meeting to recommend Ms. Eckert Tracy’s reappointment to the board to the MOHLTC.