Manor board receives very good news concerning provincial funding

Manitoulin Centennial Manor

LITTLE CURRENT – The Manitoulin Centennial Manor board has received some very good financial news.

Keith Clement, regional representative with Extendicare, told the board at its meeting last week, “I have some good news to share financially. A couple of unexpected things have occurred.”

He explained, “the government had announced this spring that the structural compliance funding would be terminated as of April 1 (2020).” The board had expected that the funding, which amounted to over $5,400 per month, would mean that the Manor, and subsequently participating municipalities, would have to make up the shortfall.

However, “the government has announced that it has replaced the program with the minor capital funding program,” Mr. Clement told the board. “The government is providing funding of $5,475 per month in funding retroactive to April through September (and continuing monthly). We hadn’t budgeted for this funding every month because we heard this funding had ceased.”

Mr. Clement provided further good news to the board. “There was also a tax expense credit for $25,000 provided to municipalities and non-profits of which the Manor qualifies.” He also pointed out the government has announced additional funding for infection control programs of $70,000. “We are required to spend these funds for infection control programs.”

“In addition to that they (the province) are providing more in supplies for COVID-19 to help address the second wave of the pandemic,” said Mr. Clement. 

“The bottom line is that for the month, the home (Manor) is in a favourable position of $85,000 for the month; we had budgeted to be $8,500 in the good this year.” He added that for the year the Manor is, budget-wise, in a favourable position of $120,000. 

“So, at the end of September we are in a rather good financial position,” added Mr. Clement. 

“This is very good,” said board chair Pat MacDonald. 

The board passed a motion accepting Mr. Clement’s report with enthusiasm.

Tamara Beam, Manor administrator, told the board at its meeting that the Manor is at 90 percent occupancy and has a waiting list of 33 persons looking for a bed in the facility. Thus far, the Manor has had zero cases of COVID-19 among staff and residents, and she explained that they received their flu vaccines and will be starting their flu clinic for residents and staff in the next few days.