Manor board vice chair takes over chair role until April elections

MANITOULIN—In lieu of recent events on the Manitoulin Centennial Manor board of management, vice chair Kathy Davidson has resumed the responsibility of chairing the long-term care home’s board until it holds its elections in April.

“We carried a motion in January, setting the board elections for April,” board secretary Pat McDonald explained to the board at last Wednesday’s meeting.

The board decided to keep the April date for elections and to have Ms. Davidson chair the meetings up until the board elections.

The board learned earlier this year that Manor board chair Mary Jo Eckert Tracy’s appointment had expired on the board in May of 2014, however she continued to chair the board until learning through correspondence from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) that her position had expired at the board’s January meeting.

There were questions among the board members as to whether she could remain on the board until she learned if she had been reappointed or not, however the board asked that she step down as chair at the January meeting and continue the meeting as a member of the public until it could receive clarification from the ministry on how to proceed.

“Ms. (Eckert) Tracy’s appointment has expired,” MOHLTC media relations coordinator David Jensen responded to Expositor inquiries. “She is no longer a member of the board. Ms. Tracy is no longer the chair of the board as she is no longer a member of the board. The board must appoint another one of its members as chair as the office of the chair is vacant.”

There were also questions regarding motions the board had passed since May 2014 under Ms. Eckert Tracy, who technically wasn’t a member of the board.

Ms. Davidson suggested the board pass a motion, passing all previous motions.

“It would cover us,” explained Ms. Davidson.

“Is that legal?” questioned board member Dawn Orr, suggesting the board consult with an attorney.

The board discussed the issue, concluding that the chair didn’t commonly vote unless there was a tied motion and that last year all motions had been unanimous.

The Manor board contains representatives from each of the Island municipalities as well as two government appointed members. Wendy Gauthier was recently appointment as one, replacing long-time board member Ed Bond, however, the other position is currently open as Ms. Eckert Tracy has yet to be reappointed or another individual appointed in her place.