Manor Centennial board agrees to fully pay off HVAC system costs

Manitoulin Centennial Manor

MANITOULIN – The Manitoulin Centennial Manor board agreed to pass a motion at its meeting last week that will see it fully pay off the rest of the costs of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system improvements, that were previously carried out, in one lump sum instead of continuing to pay this off in twice-yearly instalments.

“Our financials aren’t as good as they have been lately; we have not reconciled the dietary department since March but we are still in a favourable position for the year of $103,000, even though we have a deficit for the month,” said Pat MacDonald, chair of the Manor board, after last week’s meeting.  

She noted the Manor will be using minor capital funding of $38,000 it received from the province, along with $65,000 it has provided for infection, prevention and control expenses for the pandemic. “We have been notified by the ministry we can use these funds on the HVAC costs.”

Ms. MacDonald also noted that paying off the HVAC system costs owing at this point, “frees up about $40,000 a year in payments we were going to be making over the next three full years.”

In other news, Ms. MacDonald told the Recorder, “our fundraising has been going quite well. $56,000 has already been raised toward our proposed courtyard renovation project goal of $125,000. Wendy Gauthier is doing a wonderful job of fundraising.” 

“For the Tree of Lights fundraising campaign a target amount had been set at $25,000 and we already have $17,400 on hand,” said Ms. MacDonald.