Manor staff vax rates are higher than similar LTC facilities


LITTLE CURRENT—The Manitoulin Centennial Manor staff compliancy rates for those who have had their COVID-19 vaccines are very good, says a representative of Extendicare, which operates the Manitoulin Centennial Manor.

“Those are extremely good numbers,” stated Keith Clement, senior administrator of Extendicare Health Services Inc., at a Manor board meeting last month. “The percentages that Sylvie (Clarke, director of care) has presented are really off the charts in terms of being comparable to other long-term care homes facilities.” 

Board member Art Hayden had asked earlier in the meeting, “on the pandemic response, I’m just wondering how staff have been in terms of getting their vaccine?” 

It was pointed out all Manor residents have been fully vaccinated. 

“We have 56 staff members who have had their first vaccines, and one person will be getting their second vaccine on Tuesday,” said Ms. Clarke. Currently, “we are at 91.5 percent of staff having received the first vaccine and about 90 percent who have had their second dose. We expect to be at almost 100 percent compliance rate in 14 days.” She noted six staff members have refused to get the vaccine. “I know directors at Extendicare are working on providing an education piece for us to try and encourage these staff members to get their shots as well.”  

In regard to Ms. Clarke’s presentation and the numbers in terms of those who have had vaccines, Mr. Hayden said, “this is good to hear. It’s nice to know we have these kind of compliance numbers.”