Mantha says rural education should not be sacrificed to funding cuts


QUEEN’S PARK – Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Michael Mantha, NDP critic for Northern Development and Mines, has demanded that this government stop making cuts to the already underfunded school systems in rural and Northern areas across Ontario.

Mr. Mantha emphasized the years of neglect by the Liberal government with respect to education and that the added strain of Conservative funding cuts has worsened the situation for thousands of Ontarians.

“The New Democrats are fighting for what matters—good schools for our kids and a strong public education system no matter where you live in this province—and so are thousands of families across my riding,” said Mr. Mantha on Monday during Question Period at the legislature.

Mr. Mantha highlighted the massive rally held in front of the Legislative Assembly building on Friday (last week) by tens of thousands of parents, students and teachers protesting the budget cuts to education by the Ford government.

After pointing out that many schools in Algoma-Manitoulin have been closed down after years of Liberal governance, Mr. Mantha stated that, “students are being bused long distances to get to and from school, preventing them for joining after-school activities and getting the full school experience.”
Mr. Mantha concluded by pressing the Minister of Education on whether the government will acknowledge the struggles of all Ontarians regardless of location and if this government will finally listen to the families and school administrators who have been calling for an end to these cuts.