Marine Units Broaden OPP Service Delivery

(NORTH BAY, ON) – Holiday weekends conjure up images of fun times with friends and family and Northeastern Ontario is perhaps the best place to enjoy the outdoors while creating lasting memories. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is committed to providing the highest level of service to our northern communities and will have a heightened presence on area waterways over the May long weekend. OPP marine units will be assigned in areas of high activity and are equipped to provide an array of police services to boaters and cottagers.

The OPP wishes to remind boaters that life jackets are essential equipment in all pleasure craft. Ensure each occupant has an easily accessed, properly fitted life jacket and take the time to demonstrate its’ usage to children. Statistics reveal that in approximately 80% of marine fatalities, the person who died was not wearing a life jacket.

Alcohol and boating is a potentially lethal combination. Sun, wind, motion and fatigue dull the senses. Alcohol intensifies these effects and will impair the ability to react quickly when needed. Boating responsibly means leaving alcoholic beverages back at the cottage. 

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Our marine unit members look forward to serving you!