Marissa Peterson goes between her three cats and Three Cows

Marissa Peterson

Marissa Peterson is your new neighbour on Manitoulin, having officially landed on the Island just this week where she has already found work at Three Cows and a Cone.

“My girlfriend moved here six or seven months ago and I moved to be closer to her,” said Ms. Peterson.

Although she is a bit of a self-described ‘couch potato,’ Ms. Peterson always has company in the form of three kitties, Rosie, Lynx and Cora. It’s a curious parallel, having gone from three cats to Three Cows.

Finding work was easier on Manitoulin than in North Bay, in part due to the strong support for local employers that contribute back within their communities.

Ms. Peterson grew up in New Brunswick and has been living in Ontario for four years. Her girlfriend has family here and the two had visited the Island previously. 

“It’s one of my favourite places to go. The people are all so kind, so friendly and I was so excited when I got to move here. I’m normally kind of shy and awkward but they made me feel welcome,” she said.

In the future, Ms. Peterson hopes to move her mother north from Chatham to the Island.

As a lover of random facts, she may use her time at the front counter of Three Cows to recruit new members for a trivia team at The Anchor Inn’s trivia nights when they resume in person after the pandemic.

Remember that when you shop locally, you’re supporting your friends and (new) neighbours like Marissa Peterson at Three Cows and a Cone.