Mayor upset with lack of support for town medical centre project

GORE BAY—Gore Bay Mayor Ron Lane expressed his frustration with neighbouring communities not coming forward with funding support for needed repairs of the roof on the Gore Bay Medical Centre building.

“The municipalities from Billings West and First Nations communities should be clear on what we want these funds for; roof repairs on the medical centre and fixing the handicapped access on the east side of the medical centre as it needs extensive work,” said Mr. Lane at a council meeting last week. “Every citizen of Western Manitoulin uses the medical centre and when a major project needs to be undertaken, everyone needs to, if they can, help provide some support. So far we have had very little success (in garnering donations) and I find it kind of discouraging,” he said, noting the Gore Bay Rotary Club had provided funding support and the medical centre has received a $500 donation from Billings Township.

Mr. Lane noted, “I’ve sent two letters previously to all area municipalities and First Nations communities and will make a third attempt, and hopefully this will be met with more success.” He pointed out he had sent letters of request to the municipalities and First Nations in 2011 and again this year.

The town had received a $6,000 donation from the Gore Bay Rotary Club, which has been deposited into the medial centre building reserve to help with the cost of shingling the roof of the medical centre. The town has only received $500 from the township of Billings and no responses from other municipalities.

Tom Sasvari