M’Chigeeng FN nomination meeting produces lengthy list

M’CHIGEENG— The nomination meeting for the September 12 M’Chigeeng First Nation elections was held on Saturday, August 1 and the result was a hefty list of nominees for chief and council.

According to M’Chigeeng Chief Electoral Officer Dan Simon, there were eight nominees for the position of chief and 74 nominations for the position of band councillor.

Nominated for chief were Martin Debassige, Linda Debassige, incumbent Joseph Hare, Thomas Hare, Grace Fox, G’Mewin Migwans, Alan T. Corbiere and Kevin Eshkawkogan.

Nominated for the position of councillor were Marko Debassige, Jeffrey Bebonang, Donna Debassige, Richard Darren Debassige, Thomas Hare, Brenda Roy, Patreen Hare, Bonita Taibossigai, Yvonne (Debassige)  Alberts, Basil Panamick, Lydia Panamick, Joy Simon, Forry Hare, Tiffany Recollet, Charlene Recollet, Debbie Ense, Roque Gary Debassige, Norma Ense, Richard Armstrong, Henry Panamick Sr., Jeanine Debassige, Joseph Hare, Kevin Debassige, Hazel Recollet, Bert Panamick, Paula Corbiere, Peggy Simon, Andrea Panamick, Cherilyn Panamick, Archie Panamick, Grace Fox, Clifford Debassige, Robert Panamick, Kate Roy, Nano Debassige, Lavina (Matchiwita) Johns, Albert Roy Debassige, Andrea McGraw, Mark Debassige, Billy Debassige, G’Mewin Migwans, Michael Payette, Andrew M. Corbiere, Eleanor Corbiere, Brian Bisson, Kevin Eshkawkogan, Bertha Roy, James Panamick III, Rosemary Debassige, Dawn Debassige, Heather Debassige, Samuel Debassige, Sonya Armstrong, Pauline Debassige, Cecile Migwans, Caroline Debassige, Debbie Corbiere-Debassige, Elizabeth Panamick, Albert Beaudin, Sheldon Migwans, Melanie Debassige, Ray Corbiere, Derek L. Debassige, Grace Debassige, Nancy Burke, Beverly Roy-Carter, Kelly Crawford, Dianne M. Debassige, Charles Beaudin, Patty (Fox) Debassige, Wayne Trudeau, Charlene Corbiere, Gene Bebamash and Bonita Bebamash

“As per the custom code election procedures these nominees must accept the nomination in order to become a candidate,” explained Mr. Simon. “A nominee may only accept one nomination in respect of an election. A nominee may accept in person or by signed written notice delivered to the electoral officer within seven days of the nomination meeting, so for this election by August 8.”

Mr. Simon noted that a candidate must also file a criminal reference check with the electoral officer no later than 28 days before the election date of September 12. For this election the deadline to submit the criminal reference check to the electoral officer is August 15, 2015.

For further information the chief electoral officer Dan Simon can be contacted at 705-377-4411.