McLay Subdivision underway

MANITOULIN—The McLay Subdivision on Lake Manitou, north of Red Lodge Resort, is underway with the developer just working on draft approval conditions.

“I’m working on draft approval conditions and the road and the driveways are in,” said subdivision developer Doug McLay. “The Manitoulin Planning Board and the Northeast Town have given draft approval and we are just working on the conditions from the subdivision agreement.”

Mr. McLay said he hopes to sell the lots to individuals or to a builder to develop. “We might end up selling half and building the other half, but it’s a condition that I have to ensure the septic systems work the way they are supposed to,” said Mr. McLay.

Mr. McLay was approved for a six lot pilot project (instead of the planned 21 lots) with the condition that the septic systems of the new lots will be monitored for three years prior to the second phase of the subdivision being approved by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Mr. McLay explained that the pilot project will demonstrate the effectiveness of the phosphorous removal septic system technology and is the first of its kind on Manitoulin.

Three of the sites will feature septic systems with special soils to trap phosphates while the other three sites will feature a Waterloo biofilter system (an advanced onsite wastewater treatment system for off-sewer developments).

“Part of the pilot project is that we have to prove phosphates won’t get into the lake and I feel confident that we can do this,” Mr. McLay previously explained to The Expositor. “I think that the future of all development on Lake Manitou is going to depend on me proving the effectiveness of these systems.”