McLean’s Mountain wind farm now set and ready to generate

LITTLE CURRENT—The McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm has concluded turbine commissioning and as of Thursday, May 1 became fully dispatchable (able to supply electricity based on the provincial need).

“We are ready to be a full grid participant,” McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm Project Manager Paul Kaminski told The Expositor last Friday.

The 24-turbine project connected to the provincial electricity grid and the facility was successfully energized in February, with the turbine commissioning (the testing of each turbine to ensure it operates correctly) taking place through to last week.

Mr. Kaminski explained that the project is awaiting the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to declare the wind farm commercial and is currently reviewing the final documents.

Though the project is still awaiting OPA approval, all other permits and approvals are in place, allowing the turbines to produce energy, however not at the full contract rate, said Mr. Kaminski.

“Construction cleanup has also started, but we will be doing things in stages as the snow melts and we will start the road (repair) work as the conditions allow,” added Mr. Kaminski.

The 24-turbine McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm was built by McLean’s Mountain Wind Limited Partnership (a joint project between Mnidoo Mnising Power General Partnership Inc. and Northland Power Inc.) and is scheduled to be commercially operational by the end of this spring.