Mclean’s Wind Farm starts work to relay submarine cable

LITTLE CURRENT—McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm has started work on laying a new submarine cable across the floor of the North Channel.

“When we first put it (the submarine cable) in (in 2013) we had some issues, a short to ground,” McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm Manager Rick Martin previously told The Expositor. “We made the repair, but decided to lay a new one, leaving the old cable as back up. Mr. Martin explained that there were a number of factors with the in-water work, and that it had to be done in late July/August as to not affect fish spawning.”

The cable that runs from McLean’s Mountain will not all have to be replaced, assured Mr. Martin, just a new cable running under ground on Harbour View Road from the transition yard, along the floor of the channel to the switching station on Goat Island.

The barge seen in the North Channel last week holds the cable reels. The old cable has a concrete blanket on it, so a similar method is being used to prevent the new cable from moving.

The company is being diligent to assure that it doesn’t disturb boat traffic.