Meet the five contestants running for Providence Bay Fair Ambassador

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PROVIDENCE BAY—One of the highlights of the Providence Bay Fair is the Providence Bay Fair Ambassador competition in which Manitoulin’s youth vie to be the Fair’s official representative, attending the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) the following summer on behalf of the agricultural society. Michelle Campbell of Mindemoya was last year’s Providence Bay Fair Ambassador and will be attending the CNE this month.

This year there are five young women looking for the title: April Torkopoulos, Megan Moore, Carissa Holliday, Trinity Leeson and Janessa Lee.

April Torkopoulos

April Torkopoulos

April is a 17-year-old hailing from Gore Bay with brown hair and green eyes. This September she will be starting Grade 12 at Manitoulin Secondary School (MSS).

In her time off, April enjoys painting, drawing, reading, writing, playing piano, swimming, fishing “and getting involved in my community.”

April considers her mom her biggest influencer “because she is Wonder Woman. She is so strong, brave, kind and does anything for her kids. She’s taught me so many life lessons and taught me how to not take life so seriously and live it to the fullest.”

April’s favourite thing about Manitoulin is the people and the nature. “Everyone I know on the Island is so friendly, generous and kind. If you walk down the street, you’ll know everyone and feel safe. The nature and greenery here are beautiful. It’s the perfect environment to live in—forests, lakes, sunsets, animals and more!”

April hopes to become Ambassador of the Providence Bay Fair to give her the opportunity to be a teen representative of not only Providence Bay, but all of Manitoulin. “It would mean being a role model and friend to people on the Island as well as to future Ambassadors.”

April’s sponsor is 2 Blue Girlz.

Megan Moore

Megan Moore

Megan Moore is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed 17-year-old from Mindemoya who will be attending her first year at Northern College in the fall.

On her time off, Megan enjoys walking her dog, watching Netflix and hanging out with her friends.

Megan’s role model is her grandmother because she’s always been there as support for her granddaughter.

The favourite thing about Manitoulin for Megan is the peace and quiet.

Winning Ambassador of the Fair would be a special moment for Megan who hopes to represent Providence Bay.

Megan’s sponsor is Mindemoya Home Hardware.

Carissa Holliday

Carissa Holliday

Carissa is an 18-year-old Mindemoya girl with blonde hair and blue eyes who will be starting her first year at Laurentian University in September.

On her days off, Carissa enjoys swimming, playing the guitar, running and horseback riding.

Carissa cites her biggest role model as her grandfather. “He taught me to live each day to the best of my ability and to capture every moment.”

Her favourite thing about Manitoulin is the scenery. “I love waking up each morning and being reminded of the beautiful place I live in.”

Winning Ambassador of the Fair “would mean that I would get to represent the amazing and supportive community I live in, which would be an absolute honour for me.”

Carissa’s sponsor is Jake’s Home Centre.

Trinity Leeson

Trinity Leeson

Trinity Leeson is a 17-year-old Manitoulin Secondary School student from South Baymouth. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed contestant will be starting Grade 12 in the fall.

With her time off, Trinity enjoys spending time outdoors and being on the water. She also enjoys dirtbiking, hunting, snowmobiling and hanging out with friends.

Trinity’s role models are her mom and dad “because they are always supportive and make sure to do things that are best for me.”

Her favourite part of Manitoulin is the freedom it provides and the different activities living in the country brings.

Becoming the Ambassador of the Fair would “make me feel proud knowing that I was able to impress the judges and stand for our island.”

Trinity’s sponsor is Wigwam Gift Shoppe and Motel.

Janessa Lee

Janessa Lee

Janessa Lee is a 17-year-old MSS student who hails from South Baymouth. The green-eyed blonde will be attending Grade 12 in the fall.

In her spare time Janessa likes swimming, Sea-Dooing, hiking, fishing and socializing.

“My mom has been a major influence/role model because she always encourages me to push my limits and break out of my comfort zone,” Janessa says of her role model. 

Janessa’s favourite things about Manitoulin are sunsets on the water, wildlife and the “overall scenery.”

Should Janessa be chosen as Ambassador of the Fair, “It would mean that I can be heard, respected and honoured by the judges and audience members and given a chance to represent Manitoulin and entrusted to make them proud.”

Janessa’s sponsor is Kat’s Pet Supplies.