A meeting of minds on the need for more consultation on curriculum

Those the least in the know appear to be the most in support

To the Expositor:

Re. ‘Ont. seeks commentary on new curriculum, report cards,’ September 13, Page 3.

I think the reporter Michael Erskine has made an excellent point here when he quotes, supposedly ‘in the know people’ such as (a) Bonnie Schmidt, president of Let’s Talk Science and chair of the Canadian Leadership Task force on Education and Skills Information and Communications, (b) People for Education, Annie Kidder, executive director and (c) IBM Canada President Dino Trevisani.

And then reporter Erskine, to be thorough, spoke with those closest to the “on the road” delivery of education, being the Rainbow District School Board Director of Education and he says, and I quote Mr. Erskine’s article, “RDSB Director of Education Norm Blaseg said that the RDSB has “nothing to share.” He continues, “The Ministry has not shared any details with board.” Board(s) of Education, it appears, were caught off guard by the announcement. Mr. Blaseg said that he remains hopeful that “That the Ministry will head the advice of boards before they make any dramatic changes…”

This appears to me that those who Mr. Erskine quotes and reached out to for expert comments are the least in the know but the most who immediately turn to celebrate Ms. Wynne.

Those in the know such as Director Blaseg and his colleagues in other boards urge careful thought and consultation before moving on. So when I am quoted or appear to be alone in my thoughts, I rest my case—I am all about quality in education along with the Director of Ed.

Larry Killens
South Baymouth