Mexican takeout opens in Manitowaning

MANITOWANING – Andrea Hughes and her husband Steven are bringing a little taste of her birthplace home to Manitowaning, as they become Manitowaning’s latest entrepreneurs with Artist Adventures.

The name might seem a bit odd for a Mexican takeout offering authentic foods from southern Mexico, but Ms. Hughes explains that the couple is also building a kayak rental and expedition business in the same location.

“I want to be a team with my husband,” shared Ms. Hughes. “He wants to rent kayaks and boats in Manitowaning. We wanted to do it a year ago, but we didn’t have everything ready. We also thought about food and we are still thinking about the name.”

The location for the new ventures is 116 Queen Street in Manitowaning, with the takeout located in the back. Longtime residents of Manitowaning will recognize the address as the former home of Sue Moggy and a former bed and breakfast operation. “I don’t know if many people know we have purchased the building,” laughed Ms. Hughes. “The takeout will be small, but in the summertime there is the backyard for people to sit at a picnic table to wait for their orders.”

The couple said that their new business will give tourists “something cool to do in Manitowaning.” 

“The Island is really cool,” said Ms. Hughes, “and the kayaking will offer people the opportunity to get out on the water to experience nature.”

As for the takeout, Ms. Hughes has gathered together a menu that features traditional Mexican flavours. That will include tacos, empanadas, “and burritos, of course,” she laughed.

Will there be churros? “Of course,” she said, “we have to have churros.”

Andrea Hughes is serving up fresh, homemade Mexican food from her Manitowaning takeout. Above are photos from the menu.

Everything that the takeout has on offer will be freshly made on site from scratch, she promised. “Even the tortillas—everything.”

Ms. Hughes hails from southern Mexico, “just 10 miles away from the border with Guatemala,” while her husband is originally from Reading, England. But both have fallen in love with Manitoulin since coming to the Island.

The number to call to order Mexican takeout and Artist Adventures for kayak rentals is 705-282-4735 and both can be reached at