MHC Auxiliary News

The January 14 meeting was held with fewer members than usual due to weather conditions.

The main focus of the meeting was planning ahead and discussion related to items on the agenda. There were fewer representative reports.

The Bakeless Bake Sale showed a net profit of over $1,000. Thank you to all who participated to make the sale a success.

A large donation designated for the Palliative Care Room was recently made. The money will be used to install a stained glass window. A motion was made to top up the balance, if necessary. 

The car rally auction, the casserole dinner and purchase of capital equipment items were discussed. A letter of request for donation of items for the car rally, a price increase for tickets to the casserole dinner and what equipment to purchase were discussed. Decisions will be made at the February meeting.

Thanks to those who braved the weather to attend. The next meeting is on February 11 at 7 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. Please arrive before 7 pm as the elevators are locked at that time.

We need new members! Attend a meeting, bring a friend with you and experience your hospital auxiliary at work.