MHC Auxiliary News

Great news from the February 11 meeting! The casserole dinner, also known as the “Best Dinner in Town” is on Friday, March 13 at 6 pm in the United Church Hall. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased from Marilee (368-2547), June (368-3654), Doug’s Barber Shop (368-2073) and at the Tuck Cart (Monday to Friday 11 till 1 pm) To donate, call Sue at (368-2336). Casseroles should be made large enough to feed 8 to 10 people and cakes should be 9×13 and iced. It’s really important to buy your tickets in advance. If you leave it to the last minute, chances are there won’t be room.

The MHC Auxiliary has chosen to purchase the incubator for blood culture bottles for the laboratory at a cost of $16,950. The following is a description of this equipment, as provided by the lab manager. 

“Currently, we send our blood cultures to HSN (Sudbury) for processing. This results in a significant delay in results delivery as well as substantial expenses. This instrument will incubate the cultures on site and reduce time to pathogen identification by up to 24 hours. A reduced time to pathogen identification can improve outcomes for patients with sepsis. It will also allow us to screen out those that are negative and do not need additional testing at HSN (Sudbury), thereby reducing expenses. A blood culture incubator, close to the collection site, can dramatically reduce the time to identification of diagnosis, allowing for alignment with best practices and improved patient care.”

This equipment will add greatly to efficiency of service to patients. We encourage you to be generous with your donations. Donations can be made at the casserole dinner.

Regular reports were received. The Bakeless Cookie Walk was a great success. Thank you for the many contributions. The Coin Boxes are doing very well. Remember, every nickel counts.

The Auxiliary is looking forward to participating in the Car Rally Auction set for Haweater Weekend.

The MHC Auxiliary is celebrating the 75th anniversary of an auxiliary in Little Current. Wow! More celebration news to follow.

Membership continues to be a concern. The Auxiliary won’t be able to continue in future years without new members. It’s fun, a blessing to many and volunteering is good for you!

See you at the casserole dinner.