Michael’s Bay news questioned

Why can’t cemeteries be severed?

To the Expositor:

In the page 1 story of November 22 issue of The Manitoulin Expositor, ‘Tehkummah council gets updated on status of Michael’s Bay,’ Danielle Pilon of the Canadian Government, Public Works, tells us that 100 acres of Michael’s Bay property is grazing land for Manitoulin cattle and the land will be sold separately. Why can’t the same thing be done for the cemeteries in the Michael’s Bay property?

What kind of people do we have running our country who don’t put our buried pioneers and history first? The hardships these women and men went through at Michael’s Bay for many years to cut the trees by hand for the logs to make the lumber to ship by boat to make houses elsewhere. Now they are buried with no respect by our own Canadian government. Phone for free to our MP, Carol Hughes, 1-855-297-4200 to complain.

Doug Tracy

Little Current