Michigan writer hoping to hear from Manitoulin folk

To the Expositor:

I hope this finds you well up there on Manitoulin. That’s one big island! My reason for writing you is twofold. I’d like to correspond with someone up there and/or swap for an Ontario expired licence plate to add to my collection of car licence plates. I have most Canadian plates except Ontario, Nunavut and NWT, the latter of which I have a sample, not an actual plate. Heck, I can’t even get an Ontario sample and I’ve tried.

Anyway, age doesn’t matter to me, but I’m 51, Catholic, had a Jewish grandfather and I live in a small Polish village at the tip of the thumb of Michigan. Never been to Manitoulin, nor Thunder Bay. Enjoy reading (just read ‘The Help’), drawing, swimming and, when my eyes permit, beading. Love all kinds of animals and the smell of sweetgrass. Share my dilapidated house with a goofy, gun-shy Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever (abused by a neighbor) and also four cats. My mother (and brother) both died when I was 1 1/2. I’ve had stage 3 cancer twice (at 20 and 33) and was paralyzed. I walk with a cane.

Never lived in Canada, although I’ve always wanted to as I’ve wondered how our societies and bureaucracies differ. However, I never voted for Bush and was against the wars. Had Gore become president, I suspect things would be much better, but I feel the same way about Pope John Paul I—had he lived the Catholic Church would have been better. We’ll never know, but I truly admired the man Pope John Paul I was, as well as his intentions. The same applies to Gore.

I’ll give you pause for now and hope to hear from you.

Mary Ellen Kelly

P.O. Box 204

Kinde, Michigan