Mike Dubreuil enjoys meeting new people and helping his community

Mike Dubreuil

LITTLE CURRENT—Mike Dubreuil was born and raised in Espanola, but recently moved to Manitoulin with his wife Sylvie Clark, who is the director of care at the Manitoulin Centennial Manor, and quickly got involved with his new community.

Mr. Dubreuil said he first started volunteering when his kids were younger and involved in sports.

“I coached my son’s travelling hockey team and was the president of the Espanola Minor Hockey association for a few years,” said Mr. Dubreuil. “No one else wanted to fill the role, so I did—I didn’t mind helping out. I also coached a ladies’ baseball team.”

Mr. Dubreuil working in the mining industry, mostly in Sudbury, but for a time lived and worked in Elliot Lake. During his years in the community he became a volunteer firefighter, something he said he found very rewarding and continued to do when moving back to Espanola.

Retiring six years ago, Mr. Dubreuil found he had more time on his hands and joined the Espanola Lions Club.

“I really like the organization so when Sylvie and I moved to Manitoulin I decided to switch over, joining the Little Current Lions Club,” said Mr. Dubreuil. “It is an awesome group—so many active people from all walks of life. The group catches you—you want to be involved in a group with so many great people doing such good things for the community. Little Current is lucky in general to have so many volunteers in such a variety of volunteer groups.”

Mr. Dubreuil also volunteers with the library outreach group at the Manitoulin Centennial Manor. He delivers books from the Little Current Public Library to residents of the Manor and visits with them.

“Wendy (Gauthier) of the group asked me if I would like to get involved,” he explained. “They didn’t have any male volunteers to visit with the male residents. I like visiting with them—meeting new people.”

He also stepped forward to lend a hand when volunteers were need with the Refuge Committee working with youth to teach English as a second language.

“I volunteered because I thought it would be fun,” said Mr. Dubreuil. “The kids are really nice—the whole family is and it’s been great to be able to help.”

Mr. Dubreuil said he wasn’t always a ‘people person’ and was a quiet individual in his younger years. “Now I really like meeting new people and helping where I can,” he shared.

“I have the time to volunteer and I like to keep busy, learn new things and meet new people,” he added. “It also helps keep me grounded. I encourage people to volunteer because it is great for the community. All the volunteers here in Little Current really make the community a better place to live. It enhances the lives of the volunteers and the community as a whole.”